My name is Deb and I own Mindful Living Matters. I have been offering natural solutions in the Moreton Bay Region since 2010 before coming home to Old Petrie Town in 2015. If you have physical pain and discomfort, looking for some peace of mind, calm and balance in your life or perhaps need to move from fatigue to fabulous then I will be able to provide a holistic solution for you.

I believe in providing quality, natural therapeutic solutions for my clients. Using therapies such as yoga and massage for the body and mindfulness techniques for the mind and soul I work with many different people.

You might be interested in learning more about my private offerings or join in one of my group classes.

I consider myself a mindfulness champion and am very passionate about advocating for women’s health and working with clients in the specialized area of fertility, pregnancy, and helping children learn and develop and supporting seniors within community.

I have had the great privilege of watching my fertility clients go on to get pregnant and have beautiful babies. The best part about my offerings is I can continue to guide my clients through their pregnancy and beyond. Even when those children grow up, I get to continue to work with the families by offering kids yoga. Its not uncommon for there to be multiple generations of women attending my group classes or seeing me in my private work. I love the diversity but more importantly I am in awe of the amazing results my clients receive.

As someone who has struggled with fertility, thinking my body has failed me and suffering depression I truly believe in what I can do for my clients. I started using yoga and meditation to support my healing process after marriage break down, miscarriages, weight gain, stress and mental anguish. I found the ability to slowly open up to how I was feeling emotionally and physically. I realized that the anger and hurt I was experiencing was a product of my thinking. Yoga allowed me to express my emotions and meditation allowed me to gain some clarity of mind.

I explored the concept of mindfulness and came to understand the I had been living in the past with guilt and shame while worrying about what the future would bring. I was never fully in the present moment. I had become trapped as a victim of my own mindset. Moving to slow the pendulum down is not an easy task and I definitely appreciate that some days it speeds up quicker than other days, even now. Its on those days that I know I have to practice harder but I think that this experience and knowing gives me the perfect tools to support my clients to bring them into conscious awareness so they can discover who they are. It helps me to support my clients with the gift of now as we answer the question “Who am I?”.

I also discovered the importance of community and acknowledgment of self within that community, and its why I have been working hard to build the mindful community for all ages and genders. If you wish to join our community please visit the Cottage on Sunday’s 8am – 1pm and most others days you will find me there by appointments. It’s the nature of my business to work with my clients when they need me but you will find me at Old Petrie Town most days of the week. Feel free to give me a call to arrange a drop in for a complimentary chat about what I can do for you. You are also welcome to browse our lovely shop and explore our products that will support you on your journey to health and wellness.

You will also find other therapist providing appointments in the areas that they love at the Cottage. From remedial massage, to reiki, wellness mentoring, facials and pedicures the other therapists and practitioners that are working with me at the Cottage can also provide you with a natural solution for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Old Petrie Town where the massage does not end when you leave the room. In such idyllic surroundings you will find a short wander around the town after your massage will add to your experience of relaxation and connection after you leave the massage room.


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