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Caboolture Youth Justice

We are responsible for supervising young people who are involved in the youth justice system. Our youth justice officers support young people. We supervise and monitor young offenders’ progress as they carry out court orders and bail programs including:
  • graffiti removal orders and programs
  • conditional bail programs
  • community service orders
  • probation orders
  • supervised release orders
  • conditional release orders
  • intensive supervision orders
Our goal is to provide a fair and balanced response to young people in contact with the youth justice system. This response:
  • holds young people accountable for their actions
  • encourages young people to reintegrate into the community
  • gives young people skills to create a better future
  • promotes community safety

How we help young offenders

As well as helping your child to meet the legal requirements of their court order or bail program, we involve them in programs and interventions.

Our youth justice officers work with your child and your family to address the things that contribute to your child’s offending behaviour. We also encourage your child to build positive connections with their community.

Our youth justice officers also prepare pre-sentence reports for the court—if a court finds your child guilty of an offence and the judge or magistrate asks for one.

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